CYRKULACJE it is a dance and movement festival which takes place in Wrocław, since its inauguration in 2010 it has grown from a small function to an important national event which, with its unique character and open formula, attracts both amateurs and professionals from the dance and performing art fields. Now it is one of the most recognized and respected Polish dance festivals. CYRKULACJE is a 5 day festival which consists of several different types of workshops. flagship classes, called creative pathways are oriented to work in a process, which may or may not finish with a final show – top Polish teachers and foreign guests are invited to lead the paths. In addition to the mainstream, the festival offers evening laboratories and morning warming up activities, which are open to all interested, not just festival participants. These classes give young artists and beginner teachers a chance to present themselves to a broader audience and create even more space for creative exploration…


3 months ago something significant happened to me. When I was moving out from Zaragoza, city in the north-east Spain I sent all my belongings with the courier to Poland, because I did not want to carry it all on my back. The parcel never reached its destination. I lost almost all I had - clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, books, gadgets... The company was searching for it for a while, complaint form is Spanish was very complicated to fill for me and I did not paid for a proper insurance, so... I gave up to search for it after a few weeks.
What happened next and how it influenced my life?

First question in my mind was WHY?
As I see life as a puzzle of cause-effect I usually search for a reason why something happens and for what reason or maybe better said - what knowledge it brings. My first idea would be that I own too much and this is a painful lessons of not overbuying, of too much possession, but not...I own so little ...and I lost the little I had. I did not seem right, so I looked for …


My journey with yoga started 12 years ago. I have been very lucky meeting great teachers and masters of yoga techniques which in my opinion are essential for yoga pratice. My first Iyengar yoga teacher (the one who signed the certificate below) and then mentor - witness to my personal yoga development and adventure discovering buddist's world, teacher who also became my beloved friend. But she was not the only one. Women and men, yogis, students of the master - Iyengar, deeply dedicated to their yoga practice people who taught me patience, humility and devotion, beautiful spirits who showed me the essentials of life - how to breathe, how to keep my feet on the earth and finally - how to fly.
Now I am getting more and more interested in vinyasa yoga also called flow yoga. This type of working with asanas gives me more opportunity to join my dancing experience with yoga practice, which makes sense to me, gives me a lot of fun and seems a right thing to do. I use that amazing caution …


It all started with a lost parcel....When I was leaving Spain (where I have lived for a while), I sent all my belongings by courier to Poland. The package has never reached its destination... I stayed as I stood, in a pair of leggings, a t-shirt and a coat. And even then I could feel special because I was wearing a piece of clothing that attracted the attention of literally EVERYONE!

Because I had no clothes (at all!!!) and I did not want to buy clothes in shops like H&M or so on, as they manufacture them in a way I do not support, plus I do not have that money! So I asked my lovely girl friends if they have any extra clothes they do not need. Obviously they have:) Especially one friend who is a fashion designer - she gave me a huge bag of clothes - they are from shops like H&M, but if you are getting something for free when you need it and it is already manufactured and paid...well, it makes me feel ok with that.

Anyway. All this clothes story makes me think a lot about clot…


Some time ago I wrote a post about my  experience with mooncup/menstrual cup.

Well, it needs a little bit of up dateing....

So, I am still a big fun and it changed my life a lot in a very good way, but...

1. I decided the first one too big, so definetely take the size under consideration (even if you did not get birth, you still my use the smaller size)

2. The first one I used was made from too hard slicone...not very flexible - difficult to insert and remove.

3. You still will need some towels/pads sometimes, ecpecially when you out for a long time...

4. It is comfy and great for sports (yoga, swimming, running), but moves a bit more during dynamic activities, so can be a little bit painfull when goes to deep into your vagina.

5. Changing it in the public toilet is rather a mission.

However it is much more natural and cleaner than any other solutions and I strongly recommend it to try!

Currently, I am useing this one (from the picture) and it i…


When you can't stay still, but need a break.
In our rushed lives it is very difficult to sit down and like a Buddha switch off the mind and gently and smoothly follow the path of enlightenment. No?
Active meditation offers an alternative way to calm down, forget about everyday duties and troubles, relax and by easy  active exercises gain your own little approachable catharsis.

I discovered with active meditation few years ago during my work in theaters - we used it for a morning workout before rehearsals. Very quickly I found its great benefits in my everyday life, even the first few sessions were quite hard for me. Now I practice it as much as it is possible and wherever I am I always try to organize meetings where I can share this practice and  knowledge with other people by simple practice. I usually gather people for DYNAMIC and KUNDALINII meditations, which are the most interesting to me, its rules and benefits you can find following links below.
Those meditations are invented …


For most of us winter is not an easy time, so what if we use this winter time to do something fruitful for your body, like detoxification? Most of us associate spring with cleansing, diets and detoxifying ourselves, in fact, spring is  far too late for that.Winter seems to be a period when nature dies, but actually it is being re-born!

Winter is time when there is the smallest amount of harvest in the earth, so naturally there should be the same amount of food in our lives. But because we have fridges and freezer, malls and international transport...we have access to everything all the time. In the past feeding ourselves was much more of a natural process. In winter people kept supplies under the ground or used natural preservatives like salt or fermentation. As a result, they were eating less in winter and in the early spring they actually fasted, because there was very little food left. (It is difficult not to see the connection with fasting in Christianity which happens every spri…