Every human, every yoga practitioner and ever teacher will encounter several problems in your body  while exercising which you may find very difficult to break through. I have developed this specific program using my experience of 14 years yoga practice to help myself to navigate through that stiffness and blockages. My goal is to listen and learn from the body.

This is very physical practice based on hatha yoga (Iyengar method) and where possible vinyasa flow which guide you through 7 chackras located in your body, moving the energy and helping to create space, acceptance and openness. During my practice as a student and as a teacher I have discovered that not everything in the body can be rationally explained and not always someone's body adjust to perfect yoga posses which we find in books and social media. This can be highly disappointing and can even push someone off from the yoga path. I invite you to leave ambitions and judgment aside and follow your inner intuition to dis…


It is been quite a long time I did not write a post. Long and very intense. Just after the festival  I started anew job.This plus teaching yoga took all my time and energy, but it did not stop me to plan a little holiday with my lovely boyfriend. This time we planned to walk together a piece of Camino de Santiago in North Spain. Matty was already walking it from 3 weeks and made over 650 km (!) and I supposed to join him in the last bit of 100 km. The plan was perfect. But the reality as always, a bit more complicated. My flight was declined and everything became helter-scelter. But nothing would stopped me to fly and meet Matty on the end of his walk. I was accompanying him for those 3 weeks, listening to his thoughts, cheering him up when was needed and sharing the moments of joy and love for the nature, people and Camino itself. So I HAD TO got there. After changing flights, very weird visit in Porto, extra long bus trip I got to Santiago de Compostella and started to walk the &qu…


In my life, I have been usually following my inuition or instinct and it has always seemed to be a bit hardcore way of living to me. It took my to many weird, difficult, wonderful and usually very challenging situations. Now living according to intuition seems to be more a fashion thing, like eco-friendly or veganmania. However...Intuitively I have been following Lomi Lomi Nui and Huna ideology regarding to how I treat the world and other humans and how much I am connected to my own heart and inner self. Instinctively I've been practising yoga for 12 years, listening to my body needs, understending my place in the spiritual and material world. And what about the brain? Rumi's quotes always were speaking to me very deeply on the intelectual level, aswearing complication questions, especially in moments when important decisions supposed to be made.

This not very well known philosopher, increasingly is being recognized as the unique spiritual genius, as someone who is fused at t…


CYRKULACJE it is a dance and movement festival which takes place in Wrocław, since its inauguration in 2010 it has grown from a small function to an important national event which, with its unique character and open formula, attracts both amateurs and professionals from the dance and performing art fields. Now it is one of the most recognized and respected Polish dance festivals. CYRKULACJE is a 5 day festival which consists of several different types of workshops. flagship classes, called creative pathways are oriented to work in a process, which may or may not finish with a final show – top Polish teachers and foreign guests are invited to lead the paths. In addition to the mainstream, the festival offers evening laboratories and morning warming up activities, which are open to all interested, not just festival participants. These classes give young artists and beginner teachers a chance to present themselves to a broader audience and create even more space for creative exploration…


3 months ago something significant happened to me. When I was moving out from Zaragoza, city in the north-east Spain I sent all my belongings with the courier to Poland, because I did not want to carry it all on my back. The parcel never reached its destination. I lost almost all I had - clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, books, gadgets... The company was searching for it for a while, complaint form is Spanish was very complicated to fill for me and I did not paid for a proper insurance, so... I gave up to search for it after a few weeks.
What happened next and how it influenced my life?

First question in my mind was WHY?
As I see life as a puzzle of cause-effect I usually search for a reason why something happens and for what reason or maybe better said - what knowledge it brings. My first idea would be that I own too much and this is a painful lessons of not overbuying, of too much possession, but not...I own so little ...and I lost the little I had. I did not seem right, so I looked for …


My journey with yoga started 12 years ago. I have been very lucky meeting great teachers and masters of yoga techniques which in my opinion are essential for yoga pratice. My first Iyengar yoga teacher (the one who signed the certificate below) and then mentor - witness to my personal yoga development and adventure discovering buddist's world, teacher who also became my beloved friend. But she was not the only one. Women and men, yogis, students of the master - Iyengar, deeply dedicated to their yoga practice people who taught me patience, humility and devotion, beautiful spirits who showed me the essentials of life - how to breathe, how to keep my feet on the earth and finally - how to fly.
Now I am getting more and more interested in vinyasa yoga also called flow yoga. This type of working with asanas gives me more opportunity to join my dancing experience with yoga practice, which makes sense to me, gives me a lot of fun and seems a right thing to do. I use that amazing caution …


It all started with a lost parcel....When I was leaving Spain (where I have lived for a while), I sent all my belongings by courier to Poland. The package has never reached its destination... I stayed as I stood, in a pair of leggings, a t-shirt and a coat. And even then I could feel special because I was wearing a piece of clothing that attracted the attention of literally EVERYONE!

Because I had no clothes (at all!!!) and I did not want to buy clothes in shops like H&M or so on, as they manufacture them in a way I do not support, plus I do not have that money! So I asked my lovely girl friends if they have any extra clothes they do not need. Obviously they have:) Especially one friend who is a fashion designer - she gave me a huge bag of clothes - they are from shops like H&M, but if you are getting something for free when you need it and it is already manufactured and paid...well, it makes me feel ok with that.

Anyway. All this clothes story makes me think a lot about clot…